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can most easily gratify the craving for power and
honourable service. They will face a world in
extreme need of more teachers and fresh-minded
and inspiring teachers at that. At every level of
educational work from the kindergarten to the
research laboratory, and in every part of the world
from Capricornia to Alaska and from the Gold
Coast to Japan, there will be need of active
workers to bring minds into harmony with the
new order and to work out, with all the labour'
saving and multiplying apparatus available,
cinema, radio, cheap books and pictures and all
the rest of it, the endless new problems of human
liaison that will arise. There we have a second
line of work along which millions of young people
may escape the stagnation and frustration which
closed in upon their predecessors as the old
order drew to its end.
A sturdy and assertive variety of the new young
will be needed for the police work of the world.
They will be more disposed for authority and less
for teaching or creative activities than their
fellows. The old proverb will still hold for the
new order that it takes all sorts to make, a world,
and the alternative to driving this type of tempera-
ment into conspiracy and fighting it and, if you
can, suppressing it, is to employ it, win it over,
trust it, and give it law behind it to respect an<J